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Material Design Plugin Actions
Typical appearanceTypical usemaximum rows / columnsSupports HTMLAutoApps requiredVariables returned
List ActivityFull list with differing actions such as an FAB to add items, a toolbar to complete actions like clearing or searching for items.Used for lists of information, organizing items, or can be used to search through data. Can have infinite number of rowsyesAutoApps is not used



Content ActivityFull card view layout with a title, text, and image. With extra actions like the List Activitysame as list activity as well as the use of common media consumption /  organization (think Google+)infinite number of rows with a definable amount of columns yesAutoApps is not used



FABA floating action button with an icon and a colored backgroundCan be used to create new content or just a button for any useN/AN/AAutoApps is required for persistent mode%fab_command
Navigation DrawerA drawer with a header image / title. Then with a list of items to choose from below, optionally with a persistent bottom selectionUsed for navigation in an app or selection of different itemsInfinite rowsyesAutoApps is not required%nd_command

Fingerprint Dialog

A dialog that shows which asks for fingerprint scanningUsed to lock out usage of an app or folderRequires Android 6.0+N/AAutoApps is not used%fp_status
Google Search OverlayShows a Google Search as an overlay over the current task or appCan be used to search GoogleN/AN/AAutoApps is not usedN/A
Icon SelectorAllows the use of the icon selectorUse the provided array of icons in another task. Perfect for multiple sets of iconsInfinite number of iconsN/AAutoApps is not used



MaterialHandleShows an invisible handle with customizable position, height, and widthUsed to trigger things like a navigation drawer, bottom sheet, etc.N/AN/AAutoApps is required


SidebarShows a bar on the side of the screen filled with iconsCan be used as an app picker, contact picker, etcInfinite number of iconsN/AAutoApps is required for persistent mode%sb_command
ToolbarShows a toolbar with icons, title, subtitle, and an option menu at the top or bottom of the screenUsed as an options menu or app barInfinite amount of optionsNoAutoApps is required%tb_command

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