Albatross for Twitter

Albatross for Twitter is an ad-free, effortless Twitter experience that will leave you enjoying Twitter.

Android // iOS

Clipboard Sync

The best app for managing your clipboard in an appealing and simple way.


DPI Checker

DPI Checker helps users find out what their device's dpi is and recommends the correct Google Play Services Version to install.


Friend Zones

A simple and clean app dedicated to keeping track of the time zones your friends are in.

Android // iOS

Receipt Code Manager

An app to help you manage and use the codes you get from surveys on receipts.


Texpert SMS

A fully featured SMS and MMS app that is built to fit your expert lifestyle.


Texpert SMS Sync

Keep the conversation going without your phone.


Tasker Plug-Ins

Snackbar Plugin

A plug-in to show user-configurable Material Design Snackbars and Bottom Sheets.

Android // Beta


Material Design Plugin

A Tasker plug-in to show a diverse range of Material Design action.

Android // Beta


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