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Privacy Policy

Here at Nick Nack Development, we take privacy very seriously and want to be as transparent as possible about our usage of users' sensitive data.


Nick Nack Development may request​ access to sensitive data such as contact or device information. This data is only kept locally and is never exported or shared.

Some Nick Nack Development services require internet communication. In such cases, communication / data is sent through Google's Firebase Service and is End to End encrypted. Each user is only allowed to access their own data. Nick Nack Development does not see or use this data in any way outside of the realm of the functionality of the app. 


Each app that Nick Nack Development publishes may use any combination of specific permissions such as SMS, Contacts, Location, etc. These permissions are use-case specific, but Nick Nack Developments never uses these permissions outside the realm of the functionality of the app.​

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