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Texpert Privacy Policy

Information you provide

 MessagesTexpert uses on-device phone carrier's SMS / MMS messaging protocol to send and receive messages. This is protected by Androids APIs and the messages are not shared with other parties by default. If Texpert Sync is enabled, messages are end-to-end encrypted and stored on Google's Firebase servers. In any case, the messages are shared with no other parties.

Phone Number. Texpert saves the device's phone number (encrypted) to Firebase in order to preserve payment from those who bought the app so they will not be asked for an IAP.

Contacts. Texpert does not store or send contacts information to any party, this is all kept on device.

Location. Texpert uses location data to schedule SMS / MMS messages when the device enters a geofence (location zone). This location data never leaves the device and is only handled by the Android system.

Information we may share

Third parties. We work with Firebase to provide Texpert Sync so that any user can reply to messages on their other Android and iOS devices. This feature is off by default and is not necessary to enable for Texpert to work fully on your device.

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